About Inspiration by Marlies

Hello from Denmark! Welcome to Inspiration by Marlies.

My name is Marlies and no, that is not a Danish name. It’s a Dutch name! I moved from the Netherlands to Denmark in the summer of 2023. Making a lifelong dream of living in Denmark come true. I just want to experience living in Denmark, and there is only one way to do that… It’s a one-of-a-kind challenge to me 😃

How I became the Challenge Queen

At the end of 2015, I joined a challenge to walk 70 kilometers in a month. As I was unemployed at the time, that really helped me leave the house every day and do something for me. While on one of those walks, I came up with the idea to do a challenge each month in the next year. In 2016, I did a different challenge every month and it was fantastic!

In 2023, I figured out a way to do more of this AND have other people join me because it’s absolutely awesome to do a challenge. It gives you freedom to explore something. Nothing can go wrong, as long as you try.

Marlies is sitting at a white desk and looks up to the camera, smiling.

The kind of challenges you can expect

I’m sure it will be ever-evolving and I love that. For now I focus on things that help you create more time for yourself. Take time to read everyday, meditate, journal or walk. Basically things that calm your mind in this busyness that is life.

Collaborate with Inspiration by Marlies

Do you want to work together on a challenge? Send me a message! I’d love to hear more about your idea, and chat about whether we can mix and match. The door is also open if you want to chat about possibilities for doing a challenge yourself.

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