Add joy to your day with the ‘5 minute magic’ challenge!

Are you ready for some magic? Add a little dose of joy to your day with the challenge ‘5 minute magic’ ✨

  • Do you sometimes feel like life goes by quickly? Another day, week, month, year gone without noticing. Is it spring again already?
  • Do you wish to break out of the daily routines, and make one moment each day a little more memorable?
  • Have you got no idea how to do this, as life is busy enough as it is?
  • Are you willing to trust the Challenge Queen to help you have 5 minutes of fun and/or loving moments for 4 weeks in a row?

Then is this challenge for you!

‘5 minute magic’ is a challenge to help you get a toe out of your comfort zone and into a zone you vaguely remember you had but have forgotten about. We are going to add a little magic to every day. In under 5 minutes a day!

What is the ‘5 minute magic’ challenge?

Let the magic begin… With the ‘5 minute magic’ challenge you receive 20 different small tasks to do, spread out over 4 weeks. Tiny assignments that get you moving out of your regular daily schedule. Small changes, big differences!

  • From Monday to Friday, you will receive an email on each day to explain what you will be doing exactly on that specific day.
  • We’ll be doing something else every day. That means you get 20 different assignments.
  • This challenge consist of 4 different challenges. Each week, has another theme. The 4 themes are:
    • Dance the week away
    • Explore the world
    • Spread the love
    • Act like a child

Every day, you receive an assignment to do, fitting with the theme AND to add a little magic to your day. And yes: all in under 5 minutes!

I know, it sounds a little secretive. I don’t want to give away too much 😉 If you are up for some positive energy, happy vibes and a good start to spring, trust me: you will enjoy this challenge!

How does the challenge work?

Let’s talk about the practical stuff:

  • On each Sunday (starting March 31st), you will receive an email explaining the challenge for the week ahead of us. Each week has a different theme. No worries, they are all happy, easy and a dose of magic.
  • From Monday to Friday, you receive an email message each morning at 6.00 o’clock (Amsterdam/Copenhagen time), specifying the ‘task’ that you get to do that day.
  • Every task takes maximum 5 minutes. You can always spend more time on it if you want, but it’s not necessary.
  • The challenge lasts 4 weeks. We start with the first email on Sunday 31st of March and you will receive the last email on Friday April 26.

That’s it! Let some happiness and love into your daily life with the ‘5 minute magic’ challenge.

What to expect in ‘5 minute magic’

What kind of tasks to expect

Maybe you feel a little apprehensive. What does ‘5 minute magic’ mean? What kind of assignments can you expect? A tiny sneak preview for each week:

  • ‘Dance the week away’ means that we might dance to our favourite happy song on one day, and to another kind of themed song on another day.
  • Explore the world: let’s go outside for a moment! What do you spot? You get simple assignments to be on the look-out for a specific something outside (can also be done from out of the window if you can’t go out for whatever reason).
  • Spread the love: this week, I’ll be asking you to send a kind message to someone else. For example: send a text to someone who makes you feel seen.
  • ‘Act like a child’ is all about doing those things we did as a child that we definitely don’t give ourselves permission for to do nowadays. With ‘5 minute magic’, you get your permission to go all out 😉

Magical bonuses for all!

There are THREE extra bonuses for everyone joining in. Extra ways to make this all a bit more magical:

  • Meet me on the digital dancefloor! We end the first week with our own dance party. Mark Friday the 5th of April 20.00 o’clock in your calendar. You will receive more information beforehand AND get the chance to suggest songs for the playlist.
  • A special chance for the participants: share your photo on Instagram using hashtag #5minutemagicchallenge and get a chance to win a free ticket for the September challenge.
  • We end the challenge with a secret kiddie-meeting at the end of the last day. It’s digital, and I hope you will join in from the location you have been working on/at/in on the last day’s assignment *looking secretive*. Mark Friday April 26 20.00 o’clock in your calendar!

What customers say about my challenges

Why join a challenge of Inspiration by Marlies? In december, I organised a challenge ’24 days Acts of Kindness,’ in which participants received an email with an ‘Act’ to do for themselves every day for 24 days in a row.

Marlies is looking out of a window with a cup of tea in her hand. She is smiling.

This is why you don’t want to miss out on this challenge…

  • You receive a happy and supportive message 6 out of 7 days a week. I’m positive and enthusiastic, and I want to transfer that to you.
  • You get the chance to smile every day with very little effort. Each assignment is presented to you on a bright silver platter (which is a good thing).
  • You are not alone in this challenge. There are dozens of people all over the world doing the same task on that same day. Energetically connected!
  • Interact with other participants, using Instagram. I’ll be sharing your posts and adventures, and you can do the same using the hashtag #5minutemagicchallenge.
  • We will meet each other on the digital dancefloor or at the secret kiddie-meeting at the end of the challenge.

And of course… You get to do 20 awesome assignments to bring magic into your life! If you don’t want that, you can close this screen. But if you DO want a bit of magic… Buy your ticket now!

Frequently asked questions about the ‘5 minute magic’ challenge

When should I do an assignment?

It’s totally up to you when you do the assignment. You receive the e-mail around 6 o’clock in the morning (Amsterdam/Copenhagen time). That makes it possible to pick your own moment. It can be at 6 in the morning, just after breakfast, around lunchtime, before or after dinner. Whatever suits you.

Why is it only 5 minutes a day?

That’s where the magic happens 🙂 We often think that the things that we love to do take up a lot of time. And that makes it difficult to get started. Planning or thinking about doing something that takes a long time, is just difficult. But do something for just 5 minutes, is doable. That’s not forever. That’s just a short while.

Can I do this challenge with my child(ren)?

Definitely! We’ve had a few challenges that turned out to be great to do with kids. This one is completely kidsproof and a lot of fun to share together. Maybe check the video on Sunday together to figure out if your child(ren) wants to be a part of it or not. Keep it light and fun.

What if I miss a day?

No worries! You can’t miss out on a day. Did you forget it? Just pick it up the next day with the new assignment. If you do like the assignment you missed, you can always do it the next day or in the weekend. It’s totally up to you!

Do I need any equipment or stuff?

Only for the last week of the challenge we might get a little more creative. Even then, I will suggest using things that are probably somewhere in the house. If I ask you to use a piece of paper, it can be an empty envelope or a receipt from the store. I hope you have a pen and scissors as well, but if not, I’ll help you solve that problem creatively.

Can I pay in Danish Kroner (DKK)?

Yes, you can! Instead of checking out your ticket in the shop here, you can use this link to buy a ticket directly.

My question is not on this list

You can always send me an email: or send a DM on Instagram. I love to help you.

Where do I get my ticket?

I like that question! Click here to get your ticket. This link leads you immediately to your basket. You can pay with credit card, debit card or iDeal (the last one is for Dutch only).

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