Jump back into childhood and start reading again!

Return to childhood magic with the 7-day challenge ‘7 Days of Blissful Reading

Do you remember that feeling as a kid? You found this book you loved and you spend hours reading. You got to explore this whole other world out there. The story got hold of you, and all you wanted, was to keep reading.

Remember that? I miss that sometimes. That I can just pick up a book and disappear into another world. I get lured into the things that belong to adulthood. My household, have an income, have a social life, and be everything for everyone.

And yet, we hardly read

  • Why is it easier to scroll on your phone instead of picking up a book?
  • Why do you feel like you should be accessible all the time instead of being offline for a short moment?
  • Why does being an adult mean that you can’t act like the happy kid you once were?

I don’t know why.

Well, I do know why.

  • Apps are made in a clever way and are therefore quite addictive.
  • We love being wanted and needed, so we pick up our phone, stay in touch, and try to be perfect in everything.
  • And we figure that being an adult means that you do adult stuff. Getting lost in a book is not a part of that anymore…

Join me for a 7-day reading challenge!

  • What if I told you that it’s okay to be that kid sometimes?
  • That it’s okay to be unreachable for a moment
  • And it’s not necessary to react to everyone immediately? They can wait one hour.

What would you do?

Do you feel like picking up a book?

Let’s do that together ❤️

How does the challenge ‘7 days of Blissful reading’ work?

This is how ‘7 Days of Blissful Reading’ works:

  • From Monday 19 until Sunday 25 February we read 15 minutes a day (or 5 minutes if that’s all you got!). You can always read longer.
  • We choose our own book: pick your favourite genre, choose a book you’ve been wanting to read for ages or randomly pick up a book that appeals to you.
  • Every day, we read. On our own time. What works best for you? Morning, afternoon or an evening read?
  • I remind your every day of your reading moment. We’re doing this together!
  • We share our love for reading, and our reading moments in a private Instagram community.
  • You receive tips, support, and inspiration from my years of experience with using challenges to help you discover what works for you.
  • We’re going to practice being adults who still embrace their inner child and just ENJOY reading.

You receive the full package of access to the private Instagram account, tips and tricks, full-on personal support, reminders AND the bonuses mentioned below for only 24 euros / 189 DKK.

This is why you don’t want to miss out on this challenge:

  • You get me as your expert in creating a new habit AND being your quirky you. I have years of experience in organising challenges that help you figure out what works for you.
  • I share tips and tricks every day to help you get started and keep going. I give you the tools to get up after you fall down. It’s often not about starting or keeping something up, but about what you do when you forget to read or just really don’t have time for once. Because that is completely normal.
  • The first edition of this challenge showed that reading is the biggest connector ever. That’s why there is an Instagram community. This is your chance to share reading tips, hear about what others read, and benefit from knowing that you are not the only one who wants to embrace their inner child.
  • Use the 7 days to experiment! In what way does reading more often fit in your life? You will find ways to fit this right in with your daily life.
  • We practice embracing our inner child and be the booklover we are deep down inside.

BONUS! Daily ‘Join me while I read’-sessions

  • To help you get started, I will have a ‘Join me while I read’-session everyday!
  • I’m going live on Instagram each day, and set the timer to 15 minutes of reading. Use that as a moment to pick up your book yourself and just get started.
  • The ‘Join me while I read’-sessions are on different moments on the days. That way you can find out what works for you.
  • Of course, I give us a little time to get settled. When you get the notification that I’m live, we can still make a cup of tea, or round something off quickly before we dive into our books.

BONUS! An extra week of reading reminders

Being in a community of readers and having check-ins from me every day, makes sure that you will get started. But how to keep going?

I’m offering an extra week of daily reminders! I share a reminder for the whole week AFTER the challenge. Without the live reading-moments and extra tips. That way you can easy into doing it yourself. And you will be able to, no worries.

What previous participants think of 7 days of reading

Frequently asked questions about ‘7 days of Blissful Reading’

Do we read the same book together?

Nope! You get to choose your own book to read. The most important part is that you read something that you like and want to read. It can be anything! Your favourite book, something completely new or a book that’s been waiting for you for a long time. This is the moment.

When do we read?

You get to decide your own reading moment. Use the challenge to get back into reading, and find your best moment to read. That way, you can keep this habit up after the challengeweek.

I don’t really have time to read (but I wish I had!)

If you want it, you will do it. I am there to help you figure out how to fit reading into your day. You don’t have to read for hours, one hour or fifteen minutes. What if we just try 5 minutes for the first few days? I have this feeling that taking away 5 minutes of time from scrolling on your phone doesn’t hurt too much 😉 (I’ve been there)

Why is it only 15 minutes a day?

That’s where the magic happens 🙂 We often think that the things that we love to do take up a lot of time. And that makes it difficult to get started. Putting your phone aside to do something that takes a long time, is just difficult. But putting your phone away for 15 minutes, is doable. That’s not forever. That’s just a short while.

My question is not on this list

No worries! You can always send me an email: marlies@inspirationbymarlies.com or send a DM on Instagram. I love to help you.

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